Monday, February 14, 2011

My Dearest Mr. Darcy: An Amazing Journey into Love Everlasting

In my Dearest Mr. Darcy, we return to the Darcys and Sharon Lathan's tale of the first year of their marriage.
The novel chronicles the end of their first year of marriage. Darcy and Lizzy have planned a trip to the seaside, followed by a celebration of their anniversary, complete with a renewal of marriage vows. And there is also a baby on the way to consider. It is not hard to figure out that this novel will end with a baby in the Darcy's family.
Like Lathan's previous two novels, this story is fraught with the usual passion of her Darcy and Lizzy. Throughout the novel we are privvy to their love making, and unfortunately it is of the same great and often mushy detail that she has presented in the past books.
What is better about this text is Dr. George Darcy's reappearance. He makes for delightful reading, and I found myself more interested in him than the great Fitzwilliam Darcy, but I'm not sure that's a credit to Lathan's writing.
As before, Darcy must leave for town (London) on important business, and the two lovers are separated, but this time there is actually conflict, as Lizzy is growing quite close to her confinement. Don't worry too much; Lathan won't spoil the miracle of the child's birth, and Darcy makes it home in time to see...well, I won't give that away.
Overall, this novel is on par with the second of the series. Reading about their travels to the sea can be enjoyable at times, and there is an even Dynasty-style scene involving Elizabeth and the wanton Lady Underwood.
Though the third continues to be an improvement over her first novel, the story still lacks a considerable amount of tension. Perhaps Lathan doesn't like to write conflict but that is to her own narrative detriment.
However, if you are looking for passion and love, without the strife of today's divorce ridden society, this is the book for you.

Consistent with the previous novel, I bestow 3 wax seals of approval on her third novel.

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